Corporate Events

Planning for an office party or hosting a corporate lunch or looking for bespoke catering services for your meetings, corporate event, product launch, etc. Tastefully Yours can provide a range of corporate meeting food platters, imaginative canapes, set menu lunches and a range of salad bowls. 

We like to liaise and understand your requirements and offer you a personalised package. We might even be able to personalise it for your product launch or an important business pitch. 

Team Sessions

Spice Masterclass

 Learn about the key spices used in Indian Cuisines.  Spice combinations and their health benefits.  What’s in every Indian kitchen’s spice box.  Learn to balance spices over homemade savoury & nutritious nibbles.  It’s quite a sensory experience especially for your smell and vision.  The session concludes with couple of demonstrations of preparing your own spice mix and a very versatile vegan sprinkle that compliments a range of food. 

Salad Bowl

This session is all about warm and cold salads and how to make them nutritious and delicious at the same time.  This is a three-activity class where participants learn two different kinds of warm and cold salad over a glass of wine and nibble.  As the session progresses everyone chips in to create yummy salad recipes.  By the end of this session as a perfect way to conclude, the group turns into teams and they compete in a ‘be imaginative with your salad bowl’ challenge.  This is perfect chance to show their teamwork, harness their creativity, learning, ease and know-how of different elements of a nutritious yet appetising salad where taste cannot be compromised. Winning team gets a little surprise! 

There is so much more! We can design bespoke team events catered to your specific requirements aligned with your employee engagement & reward guidelines.