School & Charity Fundraisers

The food was amazing and there was so much that people had seconds and thirds!!!! There was so much positive feedback on how amazing the food was”. ‘One gentleman who took some of the leftovers home went onto make an extremely generous donation to SNAP.

C Stubbs, SNAP Charity, Brentwood

If you are part of a school committee or a school parent and would like to organise a fundraiser for your school or Charity, please do contact us, as we are associated with couple of local charities as well and place great importance to people working to help a good cause or a community.  We offer competitive price for fundraisers so you can raise a respectable sum for your cause without compromising on the quality of service you aim to provide to your patrons.

We also organise special events for parents wanting to celebrate end of a school term, year, spring, summer, Christmas etc. If you fancy a change and instead of booking a restaurant this time, where you are bound to your table and limited on time, why not hire a venue and we provide you the food & service (if required).

Just had my first taste of the food from this family run business at the Brentwood Lighting Up
today and it was absolutely delicious. I had the vegetarian chickpea option with their speciality
samosa. I highly recommend and will definitely be thinking of them when I throw a party (sadly I
don’t throw too many parties! Might be the perfect excuse)

Robert Dennis